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Sunday, July 17, 2005

And I thought it was getting bad in Florida

From Mainichi News

Aberrant weather patterns have made for a strange rainy season so far this year, reports Friday (7/22). For one thing, the rain front came to a halt over Niigata Prefecture on the Sea of Japan, inundating the prefecture while Shikoku, on the opposite side of the archipelago, saw nary a drop. And Tokyo got hit by a June day with record-setting high temperatures.

It remains to be seen if the record-breaking number of typhoons that made direct landings on the Japanese archipelago in 2004 --- 10 of them --- will be exceeded. But just about everyone agrees that the seasonal weather patterns aren't what they used to be.

"This is just the beginning of real changes in weather patterns on a worldwide scale due to global warming," says Koji Murayama, a meteorologist who works for the Japan Meteorological Business Support Center. "Once it begins, the common wisdom in our field is that the frequency of irregular phenomena will increase and their scale will become increasingly greater...."