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Friday, July 15, 2005

Taking a Leak

Billmon discusses all the permutations and combinations in the seemingly increasingly complex story of the Plame leak case. I'm impressed at his analytic skills, but I also know a Rovian smoke screen when I see one. The whole process is simplified with the application of Occam's Razor. The simple explanation is probably right.

...And whaddya know! They've all appeared on the same day (document dump Friday, no less), they all help shore up Karl Rove's alibi, and they all seem to have come from either Justice Department officials who've been "briefed" on case, or from attorneys who are very familiar with Karl Rove's defense.

Funny how that works.

In terms of the GOP's propaganda offensive, this is what the generals call "committing the reserves." But the leaks have also revealed the White House's line of legal defense -- which appears to be that Rove and his fellow choir boys were led astray by those nasty media whores in their fishnet stockings and pushup bras. They're the ones who outed Valerie Plame, not poor little innocent Karl.

The leaks all purport to give us the inside dope on Rove's testimony to the grand jury, which in turn appears to focus on his critical conversation with the putrifying cadaver of Robert Novak.