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Monday, August 01, 2005

Air America Radio Stealing From Widows and Orphans? Riiiight...

It seems there's been  a large stink brought up in certain conservative newspapers  and blogs regarding the alleged theft  by Air America Radio  (AAR) of money invested by a charity.  (inner city youths and the like).    A number of folks,  including mahablog  and Kos have taken notice of the over-the-top presentation if the story.   As is often the case,  the truth is rarely simple,  but this has been seriously distorted by those who have been predicting (and would delight in) Air America's demise.  Lots of alleged facts that don't seem to be sourced correctly...
What interests me is how it seems that  the money was invested in  the holding company founded AAR's first general manager,  Evan Cohen seriously misled the staff of AAR about the financial picture,  nearly bankrupting the network.  Mr. Cohen was a former GOP operative  who had a progressive change of heart after working for the Republican Governor of Guam.  AAR states that they never saw any of the money invested by the charity,  and are now owned by a different company not associated with Citizen Cohen.  Regardless,  they are paying it back. The Occam's Razor test would suggest that both the charity and the staff of AAR were hoodwinked by this scam artist.