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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another Slow News Day

I mean aside from the growing daily body count. It was all so predictable- And predicted.

So I've been reflecting. I remember the day after the election last November. I was listening to some man on the street being interviewed. He said he voted for Bush because he thought that Bush needed to clean up the mess he made. Of everything I heard in the aftermath of that election- nothing made me so angry as to hear that.

I mean, there's nothing dumber than rewarding failure, rewarding bad judgment, rewarding the con man's ploy,- right? With Bush in office, we can only expect more of the same.

But since watching history unfold for the last couple of seasons, I'm starting to appreciate what that man on the street said.

Had Kerry been elected, and the body count escalating just as it is now.... Imagine what the Right Wing Noise Machine would be blasting.....

Nope. This is all Bush's baby, and the propaganda machine is breaking down.

It's odd to think that what is worse for the country is good for fighting evil in American politics- at least in the short run. A Sophie's choice.