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Friday, August 05, 2005

Hastert Taking Bribes From the Turks?

The New Vanity Fair has an article on Sibel Edmonds
,  the naturalized patriot who has had quite the odyssey uncovering evidence of espionage,  possibly by the Turkish government,  then dealing with an FBI bureaucracy that forcefully closed ranks on the issue by invoking a little used National Security law,  burying it without investigation,  possibly to save face.  This article may shed light on just who's face is being saved.  She may be risking arrest (I don't know for sure) with this article,  but with no fanfare at all,  there seems to be indirect evidence of Senior Republican Dennis Hastert taking >$50,000 in small check bribes from Turkish nationals in order to make a Congressional bill (on the genocide of Armenians 90 years ago)  go away...   WHile there's no direct proof,  the conversations between Turks took place and Rep Hastert did make the provision in the bill go away at the very last moment.  He also gets far more small contributions tham most other politicians at his level.

Quite the bombshell if it could ever be proved (doubtful).  Nevertheless,  it's something that needs to be aired, because it would suggest the degree that the FBI is willing to place party priorities above national security.