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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In Case You Hadn't Noticed

This is from Stan Aluisi in Durant, Oklahoma who is a very good friend of a very good friend.
...And one of two buds who refers to us as  "Fellow Travelers."   
It must be a movement or something.  You know,  like the '30's.

Subject: Republican Talking Points

Greetings Fellow Travelers:

       The Cindy Sheehan smear is in full swing!

       I was just checking up on the most recent news on Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas.

       Here are links to two of the top three "news" stories on this morning:

       Interestingly, BOTH articles use variations of the same "hot-button" anti-Democrat phrase:

       The first article from the NY Post states: "Cindy Sheehan is a fully fledged member of the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party."

       While Hitchens writes: "Sheehan has obviously taken a short course in the Michael Moore/Ramsey Clark school of Iraq analysis and has not succeeded in making it one atom more elegant or persuasive."

       Sounds like the "talking points" are holding fast!

       Also note the tone of both articles.

       In addition, the "talking point" that Sheehan is not just a tool of the left but is being pressured by continues. Oh yea. She's unpatriotic as well.

       This comes out loud and clear on this site:

       Here's what they say: "Pressured by left-wing groups such as, Cindy Sheehan has made a mockery of her son's death. Her son died serving a noble cause. The fact that these left wing groups hope to score political points from his death is simply disgusting. Cindy needs to go home to her family and show some respect for her son's honorable sacrifice."

       Disgusting indeed.