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Sunday, August 28, 2005

John Bolton's Proposed UN "Reforms"

Mr Bolton's Proposed changes (on behalf of the Bush Administration) to the nearly completed UN reform document are very revealing. The following are a couple of excerpts from the document with administration-proposed deletions, A fuller list with other commentary can be found on The Huffington Post at

Provide, as a priority, assistance for HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment in African countries on a grant basis, and encourage pharmaceutical companies to make anti-retroviral drugs affordable and accessible in Africa and ensure increased support for bilateral and multilateral assistance to combat malaria, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases in Africa. (p.14)

...taking into account the Rio principles, inter alia the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities. We recognize that climate change is a serious and long-term challenge that has the potential to affect every part of the world.…


We agree recognize that current developments and circumstances require that we build consensus on major threats and challenges. We commit to translate that consensus into concrete action, including addressing the root causes of those threats and challenges. (p.2)

With millions in Sub-Saharan Africa curretnly dying of HIV and other treatable diseases, and with a Cat 5 Hurricane barrelling down on New Orleans, I can only imagine that Mr Bolton is acting in the intrests of very large corporations and not in the interests of the people of the world.

Mind you, I'm all for a healthy business climate, but this ain't it. Like all institutions, there must be checks and balances, and it seems to me we are facing global corporate tyranny in the name of reform. Make no mistake, it's a war; it's being waged on us, and we are aquiescing on their word that it's a medicine we need for our own good.