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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Regarding Paranoia and Spliting in American Politics

I posted this on Daily Kos in response to another article.  I link you to it following the first portion,  as Kos' software is better to handle longer posts.  I go as INFOHAZARD there,  'cause Publius is taken.


Regarding Paranoia and Spliting in American Politics 

Sun Aug 21st, 2005 at 15:01:25 EDT

Armando posed an excellent and subtle analysis of American politics based on points made by Eco and Hofsteadter.

He used the term "Paranoid" to describe the processes we are seeing going on in the halls of power.

At the risk of being more concrete than Armando ever intended,  I think that there is another psychological concept that's extremely germaine to the topic.  It's that of a relative of the Paranoid Personality,  the Borderline Personality.  The following is largely taken from a comment I made on the Armando piece.

The Borderline Personality

The Hallmark of the Borderline it the tendency towards emotional 'all-or-nothing' stances.  A given person will be seen as all good or all bad, and which one it is today is subject to capricious change.