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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Some People Make a Sport of Picking Fights in Bars

My preferred venue these days is

OK, maybe a bar fight isn't the right analogy. Let's call it a spirited coffeehouse debate! But I want to make them have to work for their viewpoints.

Do you think they have the fortitude to defend their position?

UPDATE: Evidently they don't. They rather quickly banned me from posting. Ostensibly for being "too pointy." I did notice that crude insults aimed at me were tolerated without problem. I guess they like an echo chamber.

How long do you think I'd last on "Free Republic?"

UPDATE 2: I guess they didn't ban me. I don't know why I couldn't post for a while, but I'm back online with a request to remove my irritated graphic from this site. My faith in the hope for humanity is restored.

Update 3: On acclimation to, I find that while they have their Rovian Minions, and just plain pains, there are plenty of folks who think for themselves- more than I''ve seen elsewhere. The headlines tend towards massive spin, but there are moderating forces afoot. Pick an inflamatory headline and then read the comments. It's nice to have some stimulating conversations with people of a somewhat different orientation.
While it is a picnic, as elsewhere, you have to put up with the ants. Most posters do not have well-thought-out arguments, but some are just great.