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Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Box of God

There's a lively email list associated with this blog that one might never guess at based on the threads on the blog itself. Since the list came first, it's been hard to move people here. Anyway, one contributor, John Reid, has posted a very thoughtful essay on the meaning of God in a political context. I include it here, edited for minor corrections and clarity.

I don't think my being the center of my own universe has much influence unless I can make myself the center of everyone elses universe. This is the nature of power. Either God uses us to establish His authority or we are using God to establish our own. The God that Moses had in his box declared "jihad" on a great many folks. The absolute annihilation of these other folks with their other gods was mandatory in establishing the power to Joshua's Box of God. And so off he warred with his Box of God.

Menachim Began used very effective terrorist tactics against innocent Brits when he strove to occupy the land promised to Moses. Osama Bin Laden uses these same tactics. Depending on the Box of God that a group has, then they have the right and the power to wage whatever war they want. They are the center of our universe according to them. God gives them the command to take, and they take. Are they merely individuals using their Box of God to get others to do what they want? Of course not! They are prophets seeking the profits that God bestows on them. They can do whatever they want, because God gives them absolute, unquestionable power and authority. Innocent lives are of no value if those innocent lives are not being directed by the right God in the right Box. The "innoncent" have lost their innocence through their ignorance of the correct God.

Far be it from us as immoral individuals to make a judgement call on their tactics. They are the leaders; we are the followers. All we can do is dance around our golden calves. We won't get anywhere. We must make war if our Box of God says make war. The idea that we each have a conscious bestowed by God to determine justice without a King is more of that pacifist Jesus stuff. The new and improved Jesus understands that our primary concern is NOT to care for the poor and needy, but rather to use them to acquire what the elite want. If we don't use the poor, then they just drain us with all their needs. So, it's God's plan that we would be the users rather the used. This is Dominion Theology or "in the name of Jesus, hurricanes be gone!" Our moral compass need only place God in north, south, east and west and we move in one accord. "It's better to be wrong together than right alone!"

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