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when conducting dangerous thought-experiments.

Information not good after curfew in

Sectors 'R' or 'M.'

Thursday, October 20, 2005


What happens at 11:14?   Rent this film and find out.   It's the debut writer/director film by an FSU film school grad.  I saw it a year or so ago at his alma mater and was very impressed.  You can get it at Blockbuster now.

It has Hillary Swank,  Patrick Swayze, Karen Black,  and I counted 3 actors from Six Feet Under. 

The writer/director  spoke there the night I saw it-  didn't really want to admit how much he's influenced by Tarantino,  but I guess if you are a fish,  the sea is Tarantino.

I think it's better than most debut works.   I look forward to his next effort.