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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Christians in Swaziland

...It is absolutely wrong for a teacher or teachers to disparage young people for observing their culture.

If this teacher claims that the Umhlanga ceremony violates the Bible by making young maidens expose their buttocks, breasts and stomach in front of everyone, where in the Bible does it give instruction that every part of the body has to be covered?

There is nowhere in the Bible, where it says God created man and then he created clothes. God created a man who was naked and even today is born naked, no one was ever born with clothes. Which clothes then are prescribed by Christianity or the Bible?

The wearing of clothes is not God's invention, but men's. The nature of the clothes to wear is determined by the creator of those clothes, not God. Hence this teacher needs to revise her reading of the Bible.

The other thing we have to deal with is evil. Does evil exist? There is no such thing. Evil, like darkness, is the absence of good as darkness is the absence of light. By calling our custom evil she is only displaying her absolute ignorance about the reality of life, by talking of things that do not exist.

Suppose evil did exist, what would be wrong for a girl to display her body parts? Swazi children have grown up with their bodies exposed....